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Web Designing & Development


This course curriculum is an introduction to the design, creation, and maintenance of web pages and websites. With it, you will learn how to critically evaluate website quality; learn how to create and maintain quality web pages; learn about web design standards and why they're important; and learn to create and manipulate images.

Course Objectives
• You will gain the skills and project-based experience needed for entry into web design and development careers.
• You will be able to use a variety of strategies and tools to create websites.
• You will develop awareness and appreciation of the many ways that people access the web, and will be able to create standards-based websites that can be accessed by the full spectrum of web access technologies.


S/W Development


Software development (also known as application development, software design, designing software, software application development, enterprise application development, or platform development) is the development of a software product. The term "software development" may be used to refer to the activity of computer programming, which is the process of writing and maintaining the source code


Android Applications


Android is an operating system based on Linux with a Java programming interface.
The Android Software Development Kit (Android SDK) provides all necessary tools to develop Android applications. This includes a compiler, debugger and a device emulator, as well as its own virtual machine to run Android programs.
Android is currently primarily developed by Google.

Android allows background processing, provides a rich user interface library, supports 2-D and 3-D graphics using the OpenGL libraries, access to the file system and provides an embedded SQLite database.
Android applications consist of different components and can re-use components of other applications. This leads to the concept of a task in Android; an application can re-use other Android components to archive a task. For example you can trigger from your application another application which has itself registered with the Android system to handle photos. In this other application you select a photo and return to your application to use the selected photo.


Web Applications


• Web applications do not require any complex "roll out" procedure to deploy in large organizations. A compatible web browser is all that is needed.
• Browser applications typically require little or no disk space on the client.
• They require no upgrade procedure since all new features are implemented on the server and automatically delivered to the users;

• Web applications integrate easily into other server-side web procedures, such as email and searching.
• They also provide cross-platform compatibility in most cases (i.e., Windows, Mac, Linux, etc.) because they operate within a web browser window.
• With the advent of HTML5, programmers can create richly interactive environments natively within browsers. Included in the list of new features are native audio, video and animations, as well as improved error handling.


Window Applications


• An important part of Visual Studio .NET is the ability to create Windows applications that run locally on users' machines. Visual Studio .NET allows you to create the application and user interface using Windows Forms.

• Windows application development with Visual Studio can take many shapes. You can create Windows Forms and Windows service applications that leverage the power of the .NET Framework, or you can use Visual C++ to create Win32 applications.


Domain Registration

Domain Registration

Domain registration refers to the process of registering a domain name, which identifies one or more IP addresses with a name that is easier to remember and use in URLs to identify particular Web pages. The person or usiness that registers domain name is called the domain name registrant.


Web Hosting Services


In order to publish a website online, you need a Web host. The Web host stores all the pages of your website and makes them available to computers connected to the Internet.


Bulk SMS Services


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Project Training


The key point about any project definition is that it clearly states the objectives to be achieved and the methodology to be employed. Again, some examples:

• Better utilisation of plant through changes to working practices in maintenance.
• Improved cash flow through quicker payment of customer invoices resulting from automation and the resultant reduction in errors.
• Lower costs through component sourcing from emerging economies.




Design is the creation of a plan or convention for the construction of an object or a system.

Design has different connotations in different fields.


Hardware & Networking Solutions


Network hardware is a technical term, which is commonly associated with hardware devices used in setting up a computer network. These hardware devices are universal in nature (standardized to be used globally) and interconnected with each other with the help of a transmission/reception medium in normal network assemblies.